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Seems like the performances just keep on coming! We will be playing at David's Kitchen in Atascadero next Friday. We should have a friendly crowd since we invited all of our friends :-) We have a couple of new tunes that we've added and, of course, our regular selection of old time favorites. If you are in the area, please do drop in and say hello!

Off the Griddle plays
David and Meghan's Wedding
at Lions Peak Vineyards

We played a really fun gig at a vineyard wedding in San Miguel yesterday. It was a beautiful setting with unbelievable views of the surrounding vineyards. The guests and family members of the bride and groom were very friendly and enjoyed our brand of old time music. One of the guests sat in on guitar for a few tunes, and we set up right next to the open bar. With that, and the perfect weather, what's not to like? I love playing with these guys!

I'm slowly tackling the art of lutherie one small chunk at a time. I'm proficient at changing strings and setting the bridge correctly, and I'm feeling pretty confident about setting a sound post. Yesterday I took on the challenge of installing a set of Knilling Perfection Pegs on my workhorse fiddle. The online directions indicated that reaming the pegholes was necessary (!) so when I ordered the pegs I also ordered a reamer. Every one I talked to online about reaming the holes ended their comment with "don't go too far!" So I took it real slow and checked the fit many times. I'm very proud at the result of my work, and they function perfectly. I now have three fiddles with Perfections and don't know why everybody doesn't have them, they are far superior to a standard friction peg set up. I know that traditionalist have reservations, but from 10 feet away, who will know? Here's what the finished product looks like:

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